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About SCS

Basic Characteristics

Slovak sugar association (hereinafter referred to as "SCS") is a non-political, independent, voluntary association. SCS members are legal entities established in Slovak republic that are involved in processing of sugar beet and sugar production.
SCS operates throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic and seeks to promote the interests of its members abroad.

The main activities

The main activities of SCS are:

  • Presenting problems of Slovak sugar market to the state , municipial and other public authorities of the Slovak republic and to the profesional associations and public
  • Helping to ensure the consumption of sugar in the Slovak Republic from domestic sources
  • Uniform and effective enforcement of rights and legitimate interests of SCS members in Slovak Republic and abroad
  • Support for domestic sugar producers
  • Support education and research in the sugar, food and agriculture field. Cooperation with organizations of university, high and vocational education associated with sugar industry
  • Awareness, consultancy and publication activity (yearbooks, manuals, opinions, calendars, etc..)
  • Pooling of experts and supporters in the sugar industry
  • Promotion of Association and Association members and their interests in media and internet
  • Representation SCS members and their interests against the public authorities and other legal and natural persons
  • Representation SCS members and their interests against the Union of sugar beet growers in Slovakia and similar organizations, particularly in defining the general agreements, contract terms and etc.
  • Representation SCS members and their interests against the foreign public or private entities, including cooperation with similar organizations with international operations.

Chairman SCS - Ing. Michal Abelovič, MSc.
Vice-chairman SCS - Ing. Dušan Janíček
Executive Director - Ing. Radovan Roba



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